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Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85 Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85
Knikmops 85

Knikmops 85 (KM85)

The Knikmops KM 85 is one of the smallest articulated loaders developed by Gebroeders Geens.

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Technical features

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Number of cylinders 3
Output of work hydraulics 28 L/min
Lifting force 700 kg
Lifting force (0.5m in front of the wheel) 460 kg
Power 23 HP / 17 kw
Kerbweight without attachment 820 kg
Topspeed 13 km/h
Diesel engine type (Kubota) D902
Maximum turning angle 50 °
Fueltank capacity 20 L
Breakout force 450 kg
Pressure of work hydraulics 180 bar
Weight 820 kg


1 2 3
700 kg 460 kg 400 kg
Gebroeders Geens kniklader Knikmops Gebroeders Geens kniklader Knikmops
Gebroeders Geens kniklader Knikmops
Gebroeders Geens kniklader Knikmops

Machine dimensies

A 1415 mm Wheelbase
B 2360 mm Chassis length
C 2935 mm Total length with shovel bucket
D 1020 mm Overall width
E 800/1100 mm Shovel bucket width (standard)
G 2120 mm Turning radius outside edge
H 2040 mm Rollbar height
I 1070 mm Seat height
J 205 mm Ground clearance
K 30 ° Tipping-in angle from ground surface
L 1060 mm Arm hinge height
M 1715 mm Transfer height
N 1895 mm Shovel bucket rotation point, maximum


The Knikmops KM 85 stands out most of all because it can fit through a door when at its narrowest. The compact steel chassis is robust and was developed for demanding jobs. The chassis of the Knikmops KM 85 is 75 cm wide. As a result, with the narrowest tyres, it can easily drive over narrow garden paths or through a corridor. This makes the small articulated loader an ideal choice for working in small spaces and narrow passages.The Knikmops itself weighs 820 kg, so it can be readily transported and has low ground pressure. In addition to that, this articulated loader is able to lift 700 kg. The Knikmops KM 85 has the Kubota D902 fitted, so the Knikmops operator can rely on a power of 17 kW or 23 hp. In addition it has a continuous 4-wheel drive thanks to four separate hydromotors on the wheels. This drive is controllable with a difflock or can be - optionally - switched electrically.

It is the ideal helper in a city garden, for small-scale demolition or on the grids in your stalls. Besides the shovel bucket, the articulated loader can also be equipped with various attachments. Thanks to the low turning radius of the Knikmops KM 85 and its speed of 13 km/h, this machine can be readily deployed in buildings as well as on unpaved terrain. Thanks to its compact size and low unladen weight, the Knikmops KM 85 is easy to transport on a trailer or in a van.

The photos on the website do not show the standard configuration for the articulated loader. This means that the standard Knikmops KM 85 may deviate from the photos.

Extra options

Product option Knikmops-Work lighting
Work lighting

This option is ideal to enable work to continue even at dusk or at night. The option comprises 2 front and 1 rear working lights.

Product option Knikmops-Tyres

We offer a range of different tyres so you can choose the perfect tyre for your work.


The counterweight gives you increased lifting force in front and greater stability when lifting heavy loads.

Product option Knikmops-Hand throttle
Hand throttle

The hand throttle ensures a higher engine speed regardless of driving speed. This enables equipment to be driven that need greater hydraulic throughput at low driving speeds. Such as a mower, milling cutter, brush, …


The revolving light is ideal for ensuring that you are easy to see in traffic or on site. It is mounted on the rear bracket.
KM 80/85/90/100/120/125/130/140: 20097978
KM 80/85/90/100/120/125/130/140:/180/250: 20098177

Flashing LEDs

Thanks to the flashing LEDs you are easier to see on site or in traffic. They are mounted on the rear bracket.

Product option Knikmops-Fixed stop
Fixed stop

With the steering stop you do not need to hold the lever of the additional hydraulic function all the time when mowing/brushing/…, but the lever is fixed to the same position.


This bracket protects the machine from rolling over (Rolling over protection system) and from falling objects (Falling objects protection system).

Folding ROPS-FOPS bar

This bracket protects the machine from rolling over (Rolling over protection system) and from falling objects (Falling objects protection system). This Rops-fops bracket can be folded in a few easy steps for driving through low passages.

Product option Knikmops-Click clamp
Click clamp

The click clamp is a clamp that you can fold so you can use your Knikmops even in places with a low passage.
RM 50: 20058105
RM 70: 20078021
KM 80/85: 20088203
KM 90/100: 20098165
KM 130: 20138171
KM 180: 20188015
KM 250: 20258015

Product option Knikmops-Mudguard extensions
Mudguard extensions

Thanks to these mudguard extensions your Knikmops will not get dirty as easily.

Licence plate support

A Knikmops is road-approved and can therefore be used on public roads. For this you do need
a licence plate. In order to attach it neatly to your Knikmops, we provide you with a licence plate support.

Product option Knikmops-Fast attachment coupling
Fast attachment coupling

If you want to have a different quick replacement system than the standard Knikmops connector system.

Floating boom

This option enables you to switch the lifting cylinder off so the arm can move freely. This enables
an attachment such as a leveller/milling cutter to follow the ground free from the machine.

Hydr. leak line

For hydraulically powered machines that require a large hydraulic flow, a bleed line may be required to achieve lower pressure and heating from the hydraulics.

Hydr. vacuum unit

This vacuum unit is hydraulically powered by the engine of the machine so an additional petrol engine is not needed.

Product option Knikmops-Custom or corporate colour
Custom or corporate colour

We offer you the option of having your Knikmops painted in your own corporate colour.

Heating hydraulic tank + motor

This heating keeps the engine and hydraulics of the machine warm during the cold winter months. This allows for faster starting of the machine and smoother driving after starting. This option is recommended in places where the temperature is below -10°C. This option works on mains power.

Product option Knikmops-Joystick control
Joystick control

With the joystick control you can operate functions such as forward/backward and the horn of your Knikmops with the joystick you use to control the jib.

Electric locking differential

This function enables the lock to be activated or deactivated electrically (instead of manually).

Product option Knikmops-Towbar

The tow bar enables you to move trailers around on site.

Bucket positioning rod

This option makes it easy to place the attachment (shovel bucket/levelling frame) neatly level
to the ground time and time again.

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