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Sprayer tank

The sprayer tank attached to your Knikmops is specially designed for rapid watering of plants. With this attachment at the front of the articulated loader, the driver has an excellent view of the work and thus work with extreme precision.

The sprayer tank is hydraulically powered by the Knikmops, so can also be operated from the driver's seat of the wheel loader. The sprayer boom is 3 m wide and the sprayer tank can carry up to 120 l. The sprayer tank also features a hose reel which is 25 m long. The hose is easy to roll up and the sprayer arm folds in. So the sprayer tank can be transported compactly with the articulated loader

With this sprayer tank attached to your Knikmops, you can easily manoeuvre between plants, again saving manual labour.

Available for:

  • 120/125/130/140/180/250: volume 120l: Article no. 20139350