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Knikmops KM 95

Knikmops 95 (KM 95)

The Knikmops KM95 is the new and improved version of the trusty Knikmops KM90 from Gebroeders Geens.

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Technical features

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Fueltank capacity 33 L
Diesel engine type (Yanmar) 3TNV76
Number of cylinders 3
Output of work hydraulics 33 L/min
Pressure of work hydraulics 180 bar
Kerbweight without attachment 1000 kg
Breakout force 640 kg
Topspeed 18 km/h
Lifting force 700 kg
Power 25 HP / 18 kw
Weight 1000 kg

Lifting capacity

1 2 3
910 kg 730 kg 490 kg
Knikmops KM 95 Knikmops KM 95
Knikmops KM 95
Knikmops KM 95

Machine dimensions

A 1445 mm Wheelbase
B 2400 mm Chassis length
C 2940 mm Total length with shovel bucket
D 930/1250 mm Overall width
E 960/1250 mm Shovel bucket width (standard)
F 45 ° Maximum turning angle
G 2380 mm Turning radius outside edge
H 2225/2250 mm Rollbar height
I 1125 mm Seat height
J 245 mm Ground clearance
K 32 ° Tipping-in angle from ground surface
L 1775 mm Transfer height
N 2030 mm Shovel bucket rotation point, maximum


This compact articulated loader is ideal for small-scale earthworks, tasks in the stables, or upkeep of city gardens. This steel powerhouse is just 1.18m wide and is able to lift 910 kg, making it an ideal helper on many outdoor projects. The Knikmops KM95 has the Yanmarmotor 3TNV76 fitted, so the Knikmops operator can rely on a power of 19 kW or 25 hp. In addition it has a continuous 4-wheel drive thanks to four separate hydromotors on the wheels. This drive is controllable with a difflock or can be - optionally - switched electrically. In its default configuration, the Knikmops KM95 is equipped with one double hydraulic action on the lifting arm. The Knikmops KM95 has an unladen weight of 1000 kg, so this articulated loader can be easily transported on a trailer. This Knikmops KM95 is an invaluable helper for road workers or garden contractors looking for a machine to handle a wide range of tasks at different sites.

In its standard configuration, the Knikmops KM95 is equipped with one double hydraulic action on the lifting arm. The photos on the website do not show the standard configuration for the wheelloader. This means that the standard Knikmops KM95 may deviate from the photos.

Extra options

Product option Knikmops-Road lighting
Road lighting

We offer you this option for safe driving on roads. The option comprises 2 headlights and tail lights with parking light, dipped headlight and turn lights.
KM 90/100/120/125/130/140: 20137210
KM 180/250: 20257210

Licence plate support

A Knikmops is road-approved and can therefore be used on public roads. For this you do need
a licence plate. In order to attach it neatly to your Knikmops, we provide you with a licence plate support.

Product option Knikmops-Work lighting
Work lighting

This option is ideal to enable work to continue even at dusk or at night. The option comprises 2 front and 1 rear working lights.


The counterweight gives you increased lifting force in front and greater stability when lifting heavy loads.

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