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Radial sweeper

The disc sweeper attached to your Knikmops can be used for sweeping paved surfaces. The sweeper brush is available in a polypropylene version, which is soft and perfect for sweeping up loose, light material. For removing small weeds, the disc sweeper for your Knikmops is available in a steel wire version.

Available for:

KM 80/85/90/100/120/125/130/140/180/250:

  • Polypropylene Ø 1.20 m: 20409241
  • Steel wire Ø 1.20 m: 20409242

Connector plate per type:

  • Connector plate for RM 50/55/70: 20059058
  • Connector plate for KM 80/85/90/100: 20099305
  • Connector plate for KM 120/125/130/140: 20139304
  • Connector plate for KM 180/250: 20251101

Extra options

Product option Knikmops-SKA slinging system
SKA slinging system

KM 80/85/90/100: 20099305
KM 120/125/130/140: 20139304
KM 180/250: Art.nro 20251100