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Knikmops - Feed bucket

Feed bucket

The feed bucket is the perfect bucket for providing animals with feed quickly and efficiently in livestock farming. When attached to the Knikmops, the feed can be cut off exactly in the right place using the unloading jack.

For optimal operation of your Knikmops, we recommend that you take the steering stop option in combination with the manual inching option or the hand throttle option.

Available for:

  • KM 80/85/90/100: Width 1.00 m  Volume 450 L: 20099218
  • KM 120/125/130/140: Width 1.25 m  Volume 600 L: 20139219

Extra options

Product option Knikmops-Hand throttle
Hand throttle

The hand throttle ensures a higher engine speed regardless of driving speed. This enables equipment to be driven that need greater hydraulic throughput at low driving speeds. Such as a mower, milling cutter, brush, …

Manual inching

Product option Knikmops-Fixed stop
Fixed stop

With the steering stop you do not need to hold the lever of the additional hydraulic function all the time when mowing/brushing/…, but the lever is fixed to the same position.