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For all maintenance to your Knikmops

We, naturally, also guarantee the maintenance of your Knikmops, Rollmops and attachments. We can always provide a fast service in our work shop or at your site because of our extensive stock of spare parts. We may be able to offer a replacement machine for machines that cannot be immediately repaired!

“Kristof Vranckx of Vranckx contractors bought his Knikmops both for his construction business and for his hobby: horses. Fortunately, the articulated loader is at home in many different sectors, and he is able to adjust the machine to fit the task at hand. One day it will be mowing, haymaking and feeding, the next day it will be laying paving stones and helping in construction. Kristof chose a Knikmops because it is multifunctional, powerful and Belgian-made. Or as he says it, “The Knikmops probably also has some disadvantage, but I can’t think of one.””

— Kristof Vranckx - aannemingswerken Vranckx

“Sebastian De Backer of the farm SDB has been using a Knikmops for years to accomplish many different tasks. He is a landscaper and also a farmer. The Knikmops drives around between the pigs and chickens, feeding animals, placing fencing posts, digging trenches etc… He is able to use this articulated loader for any task or, in his own words, “You would even use it to eat your sandwiches””

— Sebastian De Backer - SDB Boerderij