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Rollmops RM 50 E - product of the year 2023?

Gebroeders Geens launched their electric Knikmops on the market in 2020. With this, the machine manufacturer from Hoogstraten has produced a compact and multifunctional articulated loader without emissions for the contractor who values sustainability.

Vangeel Wegenbouw from Turnhout knew the time was right to make a particular request to Gebroeders Geens. They had decided to electrify as much of their machinery as possible and go Zero Emission where they could. Vangeel knew the Rollmops; after all, the maneuverable transport machine had been in use at their yard for some time. At Vangeel's request, the development process toward an electric Rollmops RM 50 began.

Development Challenge

As with a Knikmops, the dimensions of a Rollmop chassis are limited, but the biggest challenge for Gebroeders Geens lay in the weight of the machine. The original Rollmops was developed to drive over newly laid pavers and weighs less than 500 kg. The front-wheel drive system with caster wheels makes the transport machine extremely maneuverable. Placing the operator in the center of the machine keeps the pressure well spread, allows the Rollmops to drive smoothly over freshly laid pavers without destroying the hard work. This had to be no different with the electric version. The manufacturer searched for the ideal batteries and experimented with their positioning. So today's electric Rollmops can also maneuver over new pavers. The machine was exhibited at this year's Matexpo, but before that, as the ultimate practical test, it was used for several hours on Vangeel's site. The Rollmops RM 50 E withstood the baptism of fire.

The employees at Vangeel, though a bit reluctant at first, are satisfied. The Rollmops works similarly to their previous model and is comfortable to use. They plug it in every night so they don't have to worry about a dead battery for a whole day. The transport machine is a lot quieter, but they are happy that it still makes some noise. That keeps the work safe.

The Rollmops RM 50 E weighs slightly more than the diesel version at 550 kg, but remains light enough to drive over newly laid pavers. The steering levers and pivoting rear wheels mean smooth steering. So the driver can rapidly turn the Rollmops around its own axis. This makes controlling the machine intuitive and user-friendly. With a maximum speed of 16 km/h, the transport machine allows smooth and efficient working. The Rollmops RM 50 E can be equipped with a shovel bucket or a stone transportation clamp that also holds a sand brush. So the road-builder can perform various tasks with one machine, without further straining his back.

The Rollmops RM 50 E has a battery capacity of 9 kWh allowing continuous use for a full day. The hydraulic function is exactly the same as in the diesel version, so switching to Zero Emissions means little change for the driver. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery fitted to the Rollmops, recharging can be carried out at any spare moment, without having to fully discharge the battery. This makes the Rollmops RM 50 E the ideal machine for the road-builder who wants to make this sustainable switch.

Gebroeders Geens has been manufacturing machinery in Kempen since 1989. The family business first developed the Rollmops to relieve road-builders of manual work. Just before the machine manufacturer's 35th anniversary, they are developing a sustainable little brother, the Rollmops RM 50 E. Like all Knikmops and Rollmops, it is being developed and made entirely in Hoogstraten. With this, Gebroeders Geens will expand their range of electrical machines. In addition to the Rollmops, there are also the Knikmops KM 140 E and the Knikmops KM 180 E.

The Rollmops RM 50 E has been selected for "Made in Kempen product of the year 2023". As one of the few machine manufacturers in Belgium, with production entirely on Belgian soil, Gebroeders Geens is very pleased with this nomination. Progress towards electrification of the range had been underway for some time, but the challenge of the Rollmops was still unique. 35 years after the development of the first-ever Rollmops, this one is the icing on the cake of Gebroeders Geens' product development. Moreover, the Rollmops RM 50 E was produced at the request of another Kempen company. This product deserves to win "Made in Kempen, product of the year 2023". After all, it doesn't get any more Kempens than this, it seems!

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