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Rollmops 50 E (RM50E) - 100% electric

The Rollmops RM 50 E is Gebroeders Geens' durable, agile transport machine. It was specially developed for transporting cobbles quietly and without emissions.

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Technical features

Output of work hydraulics 12 L/min
Pressure of work hydraulics 180 bar
Kerbweight without attachment 550 kg
Lifting force (0.5m in front of the wheel) 330 kg
Topspeed 16 km/h
Battery size 9 kWh

Machine dimensies

A 1180 mm Overall width
B 1660 mm Chassis length
D 1970 mm Rollbar height
E 910 mm Seat height
F 1200 mm Wheelbase
G 150 mm Ground clearance


With an own weight of just 550 kg, the Rollmops RM 50 E can drive perfectly over newly laid cobbles without shifting them. The steering levers and pivoting rear wheels mean smooth steering. So the driver can rapidly turn the Rollmops around its own axis. The operator sits in the center of the machine, optimizing weight distribution. An additional advantage is an excellent view of the work. With a maximum speed of 16 km/h, the transport machine allows smooth and efficient working. The Rollmops RM 50 E can be equipped with a shovel bucket or a stone transportation clamp that also holds a sand brush. So the road-builder can perform various tasks with one machine, without further straining his back. The Rollmops RM 50 E has a battery capacity of 9 kWh allowing continuous use for a full day. The hydraulic function is exactly the same as in the diesel version, so switching to Zero Emissions means little change for the driver. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery fitted to the Rollmops, recharging can be carried out at any spare moment, without having to fully discharge the battery. This makes the Rollmops RM 50 E the ideal machine for the road-builder who wants to make this sustainable switch. The photos on the website do not always show the standard configuration for the Rollmops RM 50 E. This means that the standard machine may deviate from the photos.

Extra options


The revolving light is ideal for ensuring that you are easy to see in traffic or on site. It is mounted on the rear bracket.
KM 80/85/90/100/120/125/130/140: 20097978
KM 80/85/90/100/120/125/130/140:/180/250: 20098177

Product option Knikmops-Work lighting
Work lighting

This option is ideal to enable work to continue even at dusk or at night. The option comprises 2 front and 1 rear working lights.

Ground weight

The ground weight gives your greater stability and traction during your work.

Product option Knikmops-Custom or corporate colour
Custom or corporate colour

We offer you the option of having your Knikmops painted in your own corporate colour.

Licence plate support

A Knikmops is road-approved and can therefore be used on public roads. For this you do need
a licence plate. In order to attach it neatly to your Knikmops, we provide you with a licence plate support.

Product option Knikmops-Tyres

We offer a range of different tyres so you can choose the perfect tyre for your work.

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