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Knikmops KM 180 E (KM180E) - 100% electric

The electrical Knikmops, one size bigger...

In developing the Knikmops 180 E, Gebroeders Geens aimed to achieve a full workday for its electrical articulated loader. With their latest Knikmops, the Belgian manufacturer has moved even closer to a 100% electric model.

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Technical features

Battery size 20/30 kWh
Average operating time 4/7 h
Average charging time (80%) 1h45/2h30 h
Output of work hydraulics 50 L/min
Kerbweight without attachment 1800 kg
Lifting force 1400 kg
Breakout force 1250 kg
Topspeed 16 km/h


1 2 3
1470 kg 1180 kg 880 kg

Machine dimensies

A 1770 mm Wheelbase
B 2990 mm Chassis length
C 3800 mm Total length with shovel bucket
D 1135/1400 mm Overall width
E 1400/1500 mm Shovel bucket width (standard)
F 50 ° Maximum turning angle
G 2760 mm Turning radius outside edge
H 2300/2380 mm Rollbar height
I 1340 mm Seat height
J 335 mm Ground clearance
K 30 ° Tipping-in angle from ground surface
L 1335 mm Arm hinge height
M 2230 mm Transfer height
N 2405 mm Shovel bucket rotation point, maximum


That development process was more challenging for the Knikmops KM 180 E, since the larger articulated loader also has to move more hydraulics than the Knikmops KM 140 E – and is nearly 200 kg heavier. Overcoming these challenges, Gebroeders Geens managed to achieve a full workday with the energy-efficient motor of this Knikmops. Depending on the load, the Knikmops user has two options: 

A 20 kWh battery that powers the Knikmops KM 180 E for about 4 hours, or a 30 kWh battery that gives the operator about 7 hours. That means that the zero-emission wheel loader can be fitted with a large or small battery pack depending on what the end client needs. Various chargers can also be used, so the Knikmops can be connected to a 220 V outlet or a 380 V quick charger. This means that the electrical Knikmops can be tailored to accommodate the customer's specific needs.

The articulated loader has an unladen weight of about 2000 kg, maintaining the convenience of transporting the Knikmops on a trailer, with any attachments that may be needed. The Knikmops KM 180 E can operate in low gear or high gear, offering speeds up to 8 kmph or 18 kmph. As a result, the Knikmops operator can use more pushing power in low gear, or shift up to drive faster on paved roads. This Knikmops is designed to use hydraulics precisely when needed – during work or when moving the machine – and avoid overloading the pump. In addition it has a continuous 4-wheel drive thanks to four separate hydromotors on the wheels. This drive is controllable with a difflock or can be - optionally - switched electrically.

This electrical wheel loader excels in the three key features of Knikmops: compact, multifunctional and sustainable. The steel chassis guarantees that the articulated loader is robust, developed for hard work. This Knikmops is a reliable resource, every day without fail – now with zero emissions.

The photos on the website do not show the standard configuration for the electrical articulated loader. The standard Knikmops KM 180 E may deviate from the photos.

Would you like to find out if you're eligible to purchase an electrical Knikmops or Rollmops? Contact Gebroeders Geens and they will be happy to help you.