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Reinforcement for Knikmops production

A new welding robot

A new welding robot has come to strengthen our welding team. This is the fourth welding robot now operating in the production building at Gebroeders Geens. This welding robot is here to support the team on the welding floor. The manufacturing process of Rollmops and Knikmops contains both manual and automated operations.

The welders piece the chassis together, fixing it in the right spots by applying short welds. After this, the piece is transferred to the welding robot, which applies neat, long welds. This is followed by a quality check on the chassis. In this way, humans and machines work together smoothly at Gebroeders Geens.

The new welding robot will ease the work of our first welding robot that has been supporting production from as early as 1999.

The steel chassis

A Knikmops, and the carriage of a Rollmops, are made of steel. This has multiple benefits for end users.

In the first place, your articulated loader can take a few hits if is made of steel. And in addition it will keep its attractive look. Steel is hard and does not dent easily. This allows the chassis to retain its strength and appearance.

Steel is a sustainable material, primarily because it is long-lived. Secondly because it is readily recycled and never really becomes waste.

Gebroeders Geens have been making steel frames for Rollmops for more than 30 years, so it was a natural decision to use a steel chassis for the Knikmops as well.