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A new challenge – the milling machine

The milling machine

The very latest addition to the Knikmops and Rollmops production arsenal is this milling machine. Gebroeders Geens accepted this challenge based on the motto “never stop innovating”. The milling machine will be used to treat certain parts of the chassis. Specifically, this production machine is able to make very precise holes while simultaneously tapping and if necessary form drilling.

Tapping is the process where a thread is made inside a hole, making it fit to screw bolts into it.

Form drilling

The main job to be done by this milling machine will be form drilling. This production process is a forming operation for drilling holes in metal. The hole is drilled using high pressure and frictional energy.

What does that all mean?

A ceramic drill is brought to 3000 rpm and puts pressure on the steel part. This heats the part up so much that a hole is melted through the surface. The remaining material (the burr) is flattened. So the burr is not waste but creates a circle that borders the drilled hole. After this, the hole is tapped right away so a screw will later go in easily.

Why choose form drilling?

  • It is very fast
  • It enables you to fasten objects with high strength (bolts) into thin sheet materials
  • It is a clean process, since no waste is produced