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The versatile assistant for landscapers

Creating or maintaining a garden is heavy physical work. An articulated loader can take many tasks off your hands. The Knikmops KM 140 by Gebroeders Geens, which was presented to the general public earlier this year, combines a compact chassis with lots of power. That makes this articulated loader a versatile assistant for every landscaper.

Gebroeders Geens nv, known for the Knikmops & Rollmops, this year presented their new Knikmops KM 140. Their objective for many years has been to relieve workers of as much physical labour as possible. To achieve this, they have for more than 30 years been making multifunctional machines that excel in robustness. With a chassis made almost entirely of high-grade steel, a Knikmops is nothing if not robust.

The Knikmops KM 130 has for many years been a stalwart of the landscaping sector in the Benelux. The Knikmops 140 again exceeds their expectations. The brand-new Knikmops type, while being not quite 10 cm longer than the Knikmops KM 130, can still lift some 300 kg more.

Versatile powerhouse

The Knikmops KM 140, like all the other Knikmops machines, is multi-deployable. With its working hydraulics of 48 litres per minute (instead of 42 on the KM 130), a Knikmops user can rely on even more power. This Belgian articulated loader with its rich offering of attachments is used for a variety of different jobs.  These include mowing, digging, milling, levelling, transport etc. Changing attachments is easy thanks to the hydraulic fast coupling. The Knikmops operator only needs to click the hydraulic hoses on (if applicable). Landscapers can transform their Knikmops from a transport machine to a sweeping machine to a drilling machine, all of it in mere seconds.


The Knikmops KM 140 remains a compact machine. With a maximum width of 135 cm and an unladen weight of 1600 kg it is still easy to move around on a trailer. And there is still space for a number of attachments. This makes it easy for landscapers to move between sites.

This compactness turned out to be the biggest challenge when switching to Stage V engines in 2021. The EU guidelines for emissions were tightened, so it became necessary to install a DPF in machines with 19 kW or higher. After doing the necessary research, Gebroeders Geens have done this job as well. A modified Yanmar engine was chosen, which enabled the diesel particulate filter to be added to the chassis.

Stage V – environmental and user-friendly

Anyone who was afraid that the switch to Stage V machines would mostly bring on more maintenance and other worries will be pleasantly surprised with the changes made to the Knikmops. As expected, this articulated loader has comparatively lower emissions, with the added benefit that it works much quieter. But the regeneration needs no Adblue at all, so this is completely automatic during normal use of the articulated loader. The Knikmops operator only needs to be informed of any irregularities, which is done simply via the user-friendly dashboard. Even when regeneration needs to be postponed, for instance when working in poorly ventilated areas, this can be done in a few easy steps via the dashboard.

The latest Knikmops therefore remains easy to operate for everyone.