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The November newsletter

The last month of the year traditionally started with our internal newsletter. A glimmer of good news in these times is of course welcome everywhere. Last month, two Gebroeders Geens employees became fathers: Ben VA from the welding department and Stefan C. from the assembly department.  We wish them all the best with their new baby.

December 1 is also the Saint Eloi holiday. The patron saint of metalworkers. Since the start of Gebroeders Geens nv, sausage rolls have always been eaten on that day. So this saint was also included in the newsletter.

The newsletter is also the perfect medium to introduce our trainees. Jaime spent the first week of December as an intern in our welding department. Under the watchful eye of Jef, he welded at Gebroeders Geens.


This month's kudos was not for one but for two people. Marc passed kudos on to Frans and Marcel. He thought that they deserved the praise for their great company that they started from scratch.

Frans and Marcel Geens were in the spotlight this month. Frans told about his oldtimer tractors and his black agnus cows. Marcel chooses rather for flag waving and traveling with his family. They did agree about their great pride. Both were proud of their family and the employees of Gebroeders Geens. After all, they are the ones who keep the company running.

Together they pass on the praise to Fran. According to them, Fran always has the company's best interests at heart and that does him great credit! Next month we will also ask him the five questions.