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November 2021 – a new newsletter

Dutch class

November also started with some news developments for our company. In October we started our new "Dutch at work" group. Through I-diverso, we are offering our new employees the opportunity to improve their Dutch. This is because communication is hugely important for successful cooperation. The focus of these lessons is on speaking confidence, asking questions, professional jargon and talking to colleagues.

To the fair – Eima

This year as before, Gebroeders Geens sent a delegation to Italy to participate in the major Eima fair. This is a large-components fair which is incredibly important for news from the fixtures sector. The fair had already been postponed a number of times due to Covid-19. This year however, we sent four representatives. They were the first through the door on the first day of the fair.


The newsletter is also a good way to draw some additional attention to safety. On a reach truck for instance, it can be difficult to look back. As requested by one astute employee, some additional attention is being paid to this.

The praise

Every month we eagerly anticipate the last page of the newsletter. That is where one of our co-workers is showered with praise. It is passed on from one co-worker to another, with only one rule: the other co-worker must be from a different department. Wojiech however has broken that rule by nominating Marc from the service department for his patience and cheerfulness.

Marc proudly told us about his kids. His son and son-in-law are both motocross enthusiasts: his son Bram even has Gebroeders Geens/Knikmops as a proud sponsor. Marc is also father to two daughters and grandfather to two grandchildren, with a third one coming.

Marc also cheats a little bit when passing the praise on, by nominating not one but two of the Geens brothers. Frans and Marcel will be interviewed next week. Marc passes the praise to them because he feels that they have created a great company.