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NEW – Knikmops KM 140 TE

After the release of the Knikmops KM 140 in February 2021, a telescopic option could not remain far behind. Today Gebroeders Geens present their latest development on the market. The Knikmops 140 TE.

This is a compact powerhouse that can reach a full metre higher than its standard-version sibling. The maximum height of this machine is 3.2 m - at that height this Knikmops is able to lift some 380 kg. Closer to the ground, the articulated loader is able to lift some 1500 kg. This makes the Knikmops a suitable helper in demolition, landscaping or agriculture. Especially when taking account of the power under the hood.

Starting with a working hydraulic flow of 48 l/min with a maximum pressure of 180 bar together with 27.5 kW or 37 hp of power. With this, Gebroeders Geens have created a multifunctional articulated loader that can carry and operate a huge variety of attachments. This articulated loader is also given sturdy all-terrain tyres as standard - those make the Knikmops 1.35 m wide. In addition it has a continuous 4-wheel drive thanks to four separate hydromotors on the wheels. This drive is controllable with a difflock or can be - optionally - switched electrically. This Knikmops with easy steering is a perfect asset at a construction site, in a garden or on a field.

Stage V

Just like the standard Knikmops KM 140, its sibling with a telescopic arm is also fully Stage V ready! The Knikmops KM 140 TE is our most compact telescopic articulated loader with diesel particulate filter.

The Knikmops KM 140 TE is designed for the regeneration of the particulate filter to occur during the work without AdBlue, so the Knikmops operator only needs to be informed of irregularities. This is done via the easy digital dashboard. So even with the latest technical innovations, the Knikmops is still easy and fast to work with for anyone. The core Knikmops values are therefore preserved with ease. Compact, multifunctional and durable. The compact steel chassis is robust and was developed for demanding jobs. This allows workers to receive true support from a helper like this Knikmops.