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In the picture - Knikmops KM 140 in agriculture

Today, the articulated loader is indispensable in agriculture. Compact, with a low weight, but also multifunctional. The people from Hectares came to test our very latest Knikmops KM 140 extensively. They tried out different attachments. Brush with collection bin, manure fork ...

The result is this clever video.

Thank you to the Snels family for opening up your dairy farm to us again.

Knikmops KM 140

A new model, the Knikmops 140, introduced at the beginning of 2021. Under the hood? The Yanmar engine 3TNV88C with an engine power of 27.5 kW or 37 hp. This model is very similar to its predecessor the Knikmops 130, with a curb weight of 1600 kg and a maximum height of 1.97 m.

The biggest noticeable difference is in the lifting cylinder, which is extra strong and it brings the machine’s max. lifting force up to 1600 kg. Add a working hydraulic flow of 48 l / min with a maximum pressure of 180 bar and you have articulated loader that can carry and operate an infinite number of attachments.

On the outside, especially the sturdy all-terrain tyres that make the Knikmops 1.35 meters wide.