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New from Gebroeders Geens – levelling bucket for your Knikmops

Especially to make levelling easier with your Knikmops, Gebroeders Geens developed this helpful shovel bucket. With its longer base plate, the operator has a better view of the knife; this improves operator control of the levelled area. The levelling bucket was also equipped with an extra strong heel so the sand can be pulled with the necessary force. Thanks to this, the Knikmops operator has the freedom to level in the forward as well as backward direction.

For the time being this bucket is only available for our largest models, the Knikmops 180-250.

Levelling with your Knikmops

This was not a first for Gebroeders Geens. They have already developed several applications intended to facilitate levelling. The goal is to avoid having to do this job manually.

Everybody knows about the levelling frame. A practical application that can be attached to the front of the machine. Ideal for levelling small tracks
or (seed) beds.

For levelling long, straight stretches, Gebroeders Geens developed the screed beam. For levelling the ground between two curb stones. But even situations with just one curb stone or none at all are not a problem for this screed beam.

A more heavy-duty solution is the GECO leveller. This leveller plate works together with an electronically controlled Knikmops. The articulated loader takes over full control from the operator when used. This means that control is located in the machine, not in the plate. This laser control can also be used for other applications. This attachment is a fantastic solution for paving and concrete work.