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Great service for your Knikmops, also internationally

For many years now, Gebroeders Geens have been selling their machines abroad. One of the first sales agents abroad for the transport machine was Inter Import-Export. They sell Rollmops and Knikmops to Polish entrepreneurs.

Service is key

Polish entrepreneurs also place great value on getting good service for their machines. And Inter Import-Export is fully committed to that. Early last year, Gebroeders Geens switched to Stage V machines. These require service agents to have mechanical as well as electronic knowledge. To refresh their knowledge specifically for Knikmops, Inter Import – Export’s service technicians came to visit us for an expertise training, as soon as the corona measures allowed. Together with our service technician Wojciech, who fortunately speaks Polish, they delved into the maintenance and various error messages of the new Stage V machines.

Why Stage V?

The EU has changed their emission norms, which meant different engines had to be used for Knikmops. These Stage V engines not only have lower emissions, but they are also a bit quieter than their predecessors. The Knikmops had a diesel particulate filter integrated, which takes care of the regeneration during operation. This means that a Knikmops operator only needs to be informed of any irregularities. This is done via the easy-to-use digital dashboard.

During the development of the Knikmops Stage V, ease of use was again paramount. This keeps the Knikmops just as easy and quick to use as before.

Our smallest Knikmops with diesel particulate filter? Our Knikmops KM 140!