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Gebroeders Geens goes for sustainability

Gebroeders Geens nv, the company behind the development of Rollmops and Knikmops, will be focusing on sustainability for the coming decade. For 30 years now, this family business from the town of Hoogstraten has been producing its machines based on the maxim "beauty in simplicity", something that will not change when undertaking new developments.

The Knikmops has been a familiar sight on Belgian and Dutch streets for quite some time. This yellow articulated loader is well-known for its multifunctionality, compactness and robustness. Its high breaking power and lifting capacity as well as the extensive range of available attachments make this machine a real favourite among operators.

Made in Belgium

Gebroeders Geens nv is first and foremost a production company with a strong problem-solving focus. Its focus has for a long time been on the future - and that future is sustainable. On the agenda of our R&D department is the transition to Stage V and the electrification of the articulated loader. An additional challenge is to implement these drives without affecting the well-known reliability, excellence and force of the Knikmops.

The advantage for Gebroeders Geens is that this development is done in-house, right next to the entire production line. So that any necessary action can be taken rapidly, and innovations can be done with an eye on production.

Stage V

The tightening of emission standards by the EU has had far-reaching consequences for a number of Knikmops models, specifically the Knikmops 130, KM 180 and KM 250. Their compact chassis has had a particulate filter installed so as to reduce emissions.

As a welcome side effect of this innovation, the machine has a very good gas pedal response and is much quieter than its predecessors, which is an additional plus in urban areas.


The winner in quietness is of course the electromotor. This innovation was started long ago in the automotive and hand tool industries. The difficulty for articulated loaders is that the hydraulics of the machine must not be affected.

Users know their Knikmops as a reliable, sturdy tool; this should not change when transitioning to electrical machines. Gebroeders Geens developed an extra energy-efficient prototype. This electrical Knikmops works on a reduced battery so the machine remains affordable. The objective is to produce an autonomous Knikmops that will easily handle a variety of tasks for a full working day.