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Gebroeders Geens, an international local player

Gebroeders Geens, the family firm behind Knikmops & Rollmops, has deep roots in Hoogstraten.
In 1989, Frans and Marcel developed their very first machine here, the Rollmops. This small and agile transport machine became a favorite workhorse of roadworkers. In 1997, development began on a multifunctional articulated loader which was marketed as the Knikmops. The Knikmops made its debut in roadworking, but rapidly grew into a favorite compact wheel-loader for construction, landscaping, farming and more. Both brands are still produced in Hoogstraten, just like almost
35 years ago. From there, the machines are sold throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, the USA and more.

The product portfolio of Gebroeders Geens has grown over 35 years into more than 30 machine types. And the number of employees has also grown. In 2023, over 60 people worked under the roof in Hinnenboomstraat. And just like almost 35 years ago, they mainly come from the region of the production plant. As you can see: "Here, staff live on average 9.6 km away from their workplace". So many colleagues choose to cycle to work, especially in the summer. Cycling is good for your mental and physical wellbeing, and at Gebroeders Geens it's also good for the wallet. The staff always get the legal maximum cycling allowance and can lease a bicycle of their choice through the company. Partly as a result, 48% of colleagues choose to cycle to work.

Gebroeders Geens encourages this. Cycling fits into the sustainable character of the company.
The production process has been made more sustainable by covering the roof of the premises with solar panels which, every year from March onward, cover almost all the company's energy needs. In addition, Gebroeders Geens has improved sustainability in part of its product range.
The Knikmops KM 140 E, Knikmops KM 180 E and Rollmops RM 50 E are the electric equivalents of the known diesel versions. For Gebroeders Geens, it was a logical choice to encourage the workers at the production plant to cycle to work as much as possible. Especially as we know that the staff live 9.6 km from work on average. No traffic queues, no hours spent on the road, and more exercise without having to find extra time for this. So it's a real win-win situation.

Major plans for the future

Gebroeders Geens is expanding and is relocating part of its production 100 m further down the road. To increase the production capacity, Gebroeders Geens needs more space and also more keen workers. In 2024, the family company starts its 35th year with this major challenge. As it has every 5 years, Gebroeders Geens is opening its doors and everyone is welcome to see how the company will continue to grow steadily. With the help of an ever growing group of keen local employees.