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Driving your Knikmops through the elements?!

The tarp cover

Knikmops operators drive outdoors with their articulated loaders every day. In any weather, good or bad. If the machine is left idle in a rain shower, a pool of water will soon form in the seat. Which is not very nice for the next shift to use your favourite tool …

Precisely for this purpose, Gebroeders Geens developed this tarpaulin. Easy to pull over the seat and steering console and attach with hooks on elastic bands. Ideal when the machine needs to idle for a while or when it cannot be used on a particular job for some time.

The tarp roof

Do you have a four-point roof on your (future) Knikmops? Then this tarp roof might be more suitable for you. With the ROPFS FOPS roof on your articulated loader you will be less likely to be inconvenienced by pools of water on your seat. However, working in changeable weather can be unpleasant.

So keep yourself out of the wind and the rain with this tarp roof from Gebroeders Geens. Super easy to mount: just pull it over your safety roof, zip it up and done. And it’s just as easy to take it off again. In addition to that, it can also be rolled to a very compact size. This enables you to easily carry the tarp roof along in your van and mount it whenever you need.

An additional benefit is that the sides can be easily rolled up in case the sun does come out. This enables the Knikmops operator to get some fresh air occasionally. Indispensable in highly variable weather conditions.

The tarp roof is yellow as standard, but is also available in other colours
(upon request). This will keep you and your employees protected from
inclement weather.