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Could a Knikmops help me on my farm?

Sebastian De Backer already had a business in landscaping, and then took up farming as a side job. He raises pigs and hens in semi-intensive farming. He already had a Knikmops, and he still uses it for his daily activities as a landscaper. But the articulated loader is also very practical when working among his pigs and hens. Here he is driving his Knikmops KM 250 between pastures for feeding, placing posts or digging trenches… And much more, as he explains in the next video.

For Sebastian it is important that his machines should be robust. His Knikmops KM 250 has been driving around for around nine years, and is still being used every day. He does nearly everything with it - except eating his sandwiches. The articulated loader is very sturdy, mainly thanks to its steel chassis, so it can take a few shocks. Thanks to this, repairs are few and far between, and timely maintenance by the local distributor is sufficient.

The Knikmops KM 250 is also very compact - you can reach the smallest corners and edges with it. And the machine can just about lift its own weight, making it a valuable asset in landscaping as well as agriculture.