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Concrete transportation bucket

The concrete transportation bucket is a practical attachment that enables you to transport large quantities of liquid concrete. Using this attachment for your Knikmops, you can drive up to hard-to-reach spots and pour your concrete there. Pouring concrete in a small city garden or as part of a renovation has never been this easy. The volume of the concrete transportation bucket ranges from 330 L to 745 L

An optional component is the hydraulic unloading flap, which can be easily operated from the Knikmops itself.

The concrete transportation bucket 20409249 can also be raised with a top unit with a height of 150 mm. This increases the capacity of the transportation bucket by 130L.

Available for:

  • KM 80/90/100/120/130: Width 0.95 m Volume 330 L: Article no. 20409249 (excl. connector plate)
  • KM 180/250: Width 1.18 m Volume 745 L: Article no. 20250020 (including connector system)

Connector plate per type:

  • Connector plate for KM 80/90/100: Article no. 20099306
  • Connector plate for KM 120/130: Article no. 20139305
  • Connector plate for KM 180/250: Article no. 20251101