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Connector plate with towbar

Would you like an easy way to move trailers, pallet transporters or the earth dumper from Gebroeders Geens around your workyard with your agile articulated loader? Then this connector plate with towbar may be what you need. You can easily move your equipment around with your wheel loader instead of connecting to a car or other vehicle. As an added advantage, you can easily see what you're doing from the operator seat on your Knikmops, adjusting the height perfectly with the lifting jib of your articulated loader. On this connector plate with towbar, the ball of the towbar can also be removed.

The front tow connector was developed specifically for the front end of the compact wheel loader. Gebroeders Geens also offers options for a towbar on the back of your Knikmops, a permanent towbar, and an adjustable towbar. Click here for more details.

Available for:

  • RM 50/55/70: Article no.20051805
  • KM 80/85/95/100: Article no. 20091806
  • 120/125/130/140/140 E: Article no. 20131821
  • 170/180/235/250: Article no. 20251103

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