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Want to know more about our production process?

Gebroeders Geens is a unique company for Belgium since its entire production takes place on Belgian soil. The entire product from steel board to machine is completed in Hoogstraten. This provides for a unique insight into the production process, and many schools are very aware of that.

For example, we have received young second-year metalworkers from the VITO school in Hoogstraten. As future welders and metal preparers, they were hugely impressed by our preparation and welding department. This is where the Knikmops is born from raw steel and then gets its final shape. The laser work, the tapping, drilling, bending, welding and grinding… here the students can see all of the operations they are taught in school, applied in actual practice. And when they can then view the finished product in the next department, that really makes for a complete story.

The seventh-year horticulture students from the Horteco school in Vilvoorde come here to look at our production with very different eyes. They already know our product from their practice lessons in school, and they are here mainly to look at what "Made in Belgium" means for Gebroeders Geens. They also admire the production system at Gebroeders Geens, and are equally interested in how the Knikmops comes into being. However, their eyes really start twinkling when it's time for the practical part, where they can discover how multifunctional the Knikmops truly is. On our demo grounds, they get a chance to fill up a bucket - under specialised supervision - and to look at some specific attachments. And if the weather is friendly as well, their afternoon will fly past.

Finally, we have also been visited by the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Geel. They still needed to get some "practical experience in a production company". Then Gebroeders Geens is a good place to explore the whole production story. They were given a tour with a focus on the technical aspects, additional explanations about the production equipment, and the research & development part.

A guided tour of a production company is interesting to anyone, and we have a different approach for each group. Gebroeders Geens wears many hats: as a development company, production company, point of sale… so anyone can learn something new here.

Would you like to have a look behind the scenes with your class or group? Just send an email to and we will schedule a visit!