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The newsletter

At Gebroeders Geens, every month always starts with the newsletter. In this letter, team members can read about the birthdays of their colleagues, changes in production, and the news of the month. This is our 14th issue already!

The first issue is from March 2020, the start of corona. At that time, each department at Gebroeders Geens went into its own “bubble”, and the contacts between departments were reduced somewhat. That period was dominated by bad news and uncertainties. Gebroeders Geens created the newsletter to maintain contact between the departments and to share some good news, even if only once a month.

Gebroeders Geens newsletter Gebroeders Geens Newsletter

The praise

In September the newsletter was upgraded, and a “Praise” section was added. In this section, one of our colleagues is highlighted each month. And that colleague can then pass the praise on to another colleague. They will be the centre of attention the next month.

This month it was Lars who received the praise from Geert.

Lars came to Gebroeders Geens as an apprentice from part-time education. That has been two years now. He found a spot for himself at Gebroeders Geens in “Preparation”: the department where the sheet metal for the chassis is cut, folded and ground. Now that Lars is graduating, he will surely start his career with us.