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The August newsletter

Anniversaries at Gebroeders Geens

Every year at the start of our annual holiday, we celebrate those colleagues who have completed an anniversary at Gebroeders Geens. All of them have completed a multiple of five years at the company. So from 5 years onwards they will receive a delicious treat from Gebroeders Geens every five years. This year, Kenny A. and Ioan F. have each completed 10 years of employment. Anro VG and Randy V have each done five years more, so this year they have been with Gebroeders Geens for 15 years. By putting these team members in the spotlight, we want to warmly thank them for their loyalty and commitment.

They have seen our company grow from up close. They were there when we built more spaces, changed and expanded our offering, and they have seen new colleagues arrive. For that they deserve a delicious treat!

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The praise

This month's praise was for Peter. Peter received praise from Jef, because in addition to working well together as colleagues, they also have great personal contact. Peter proudly told us about his family and his many relatives as well as his previous career in football.

His praise goes to Wojciech, who works at the service department. Wojciech is dependable and always cheerful. Next month’ praise will be his to give!