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October 2021 – a new newsletter

At Gebroeders Geens, every month always starts with the newsletter. In this letter, team members can read about the birthdays of their colleagues, innovations in production, and the news of the month. This is our 18th issue already!

So every month starts with good news from across the various departments. This month, our new trainees are featured and presented so people know who the new faces belong to. There is also a recap of Matexpo and WTD, the two September trade fairs. In October we are also starting our second group for Dutch lessons.

The praise

Last time, Peter passed the praise on to Wojciech. Wojciech has been working at the Gebroeders Geens service department for about two years. He is a cheerful co-worker, which earned him the praise last time. Wojciech proudly told us about his two children and his wife. His favourite hobby? Tinkering with old cars. But this time he is cheating a little bit by passing the praise on to someone from his own department: Marc.