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Knikmops KM 140 – the practical test

The Knikmops 140 was presented to the general public last February. This small compact articulated loader is best compared to a Swiss army knife: easy to transport and with limitless applications. And always handy to have with you.

With the Knikmops KM 140, Gebroeders Geens made their smallest machine with a particulate filter. The robust chassis houses a Yanmar 3TNV88C, which not only ensures lower emissions but also lower noise pollution. An additional convenience is that it does not need AdBlue for regeneration. This is almost always done during the work without the Knikmops operator even noticing.

Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140

A helping hand with the swimming pond

The pallet fork and shovel bucket already help a landscaper do a great many jobs. It simplifies tasks such as removing soil and supplying tiles. There are however a number of other attachments from the Gebroeders Geens product range that make the life of a landscaper a lot easier, such as the auger for installing piles or a fencing, the land leveller for levelling the terrain, and the brush with collector bin to leave the site behind nice and tidy.

The Knikmops KM 140 has a hydraulic working pressure of 48 l/min and a maximum pressure of 180 bar, so manipulating the attachments is not a problem. Together with a motor power of 37 hp and a maximum lifting force of 1600 kg, workers literally have another helping hand to ease their work.

Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140 Knikmops KM 140