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How can I mow right up to the edges?

The pole mower

We can mow the grass again every week. A fun outdoor job. But finishing the edges, around the trees and against the fencing often needs to be done by hand... Not as much fun perhaps?

Gebroeders Geens has the solution. The hydraulic pole mower for the Knikmops. With this attachment, your articulated loader literally takes this task off your hands. With its 60 cm diameter, the surface area that can be mown is substantial. The mower has been given a rubber finishing at the edges so it cannot damages the bark of the trees or the hedge when performing this job.

For this mower to work correctly, the machine must have a pressureless return. Ask your Knikmops distributor for more info.

Yet more mowing options for Knikmops

If you need to mow a large lawn, you can count on the rotary mower attached to your Knikmops.

For trimming hedges and mulching the trimmings right away, Gebroeders Geens developed the mulch mower for the Knikmops.

You can also mow right into the ditch using the arm flail mower.

For coarser work you can use the flail mower on your Knikmops.