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Could a Knikmops help me with my horses?

Kristof Vranckx initially bought his Knikmops to use it in his construction business. The articulated loader soon turned out to be perfectly suited for his hobby: horses. This way, he can fill an entire day with all manner of tasks for his Knikmops. In the morning he lets his colleagues work with it on the site, but in the evenings the Knikmops is entirely his. Then he cares for his horses by mowing the grazing field, bringing in feed, …

The multifunctional nature of the Knikmops is a big asset for Kristof. Having a single machine on which you can use many different attachments is very convenient. In this way you can avoid having to buy a different machine
for every job.

Haven’t got the right attachment yourself? Then you can buy it - or in many cases rent it - from your nearest Knikmops distribution point. Super easy.

Kristof opted for the Knikmops KM 250 AT in his corporate colours. This 2750 kg articulated loader is easy to carry around on his truck, with room for a large selection of attachments. This machine excels in lifting capacity relative to its own weight.

Or in his own words: “Every machine has some drawback; I’m sure the Knikmops has one too, but I can’t think of any.”