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Lashing eye for Knikmops rims

Many Knikmops customers bring their steel wheel loader along to any jobsite. They transport their Knikmops with a trailer attached to a lorry or van. Tying down your Knikmops quickly and efficient is convenient. With these lashing eyes at the front of the Knikmops rims from Gebroeders Geens, your anchor points are always within reach. From there, the lashing strap can be attached to the side of your trailer, securing the Knikmops even more effectively.

This option can be ordered with a new Knikmops or retrofitted later.

Available for:

  • KM 80/85/95/100/120/125/130/140/140 E: Article no. 201138016
  • KM 170/180/235/250: Article no. 21188003

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