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Arm mulching mower

With the arm mulching mower as an attachment to your Knikmops, you can trim hedges easily. With this, you can reduce the strain on your body. A mulching mower can be used to chop up garden waste. This also reduces clean-up work afterwards; the mulch is perfect for use as ground cover or ecological fertilizer for the garden.

To maximize the reach, this mulching mower is mounted on a hydraulic jib. It can be operated using a separate joystick on the Knikmops and is connected to the hydraulic circuit of the articulated loader. That way you can reach the most difficult places too. Maintaining hedges has never been easier than with an arm mulching mower and your Knikmops.

Gebroeders Geens recommends installing the fixed lock, free return and 12V connection as options on the articulated loader to make this arm flail mower easy to operate.

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