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Foldable Rops-fops bracket

Foldable safety roof

A Knikmops is a compact articulated loader. It is often used in demolition, urban landscaping environment, agriculture… many sectors where both its width and height are very important to the user.

Above all for a Knikmops operator who often needs to pass through a low entrance but nevertheless places a high value on safety. The foldable Rops-fops bracket can be folded and assembled in just a few minutes. No additional tools are needed, unless the user wishes to fasten the bolts to reduce rattling

Available for:

  • KM 90/100: Article no. 20188310
  • KM 120/125/130/140: Article no. 21138501
  • KM 180/250: folding height 1.85m Article no. 21188501

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