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The perfect gift for machine enthusiasts!

The most popular Knikmops model has for many years been the Knikmops KM 130. That is why this model was chosen to be presented to the market in miniature form. The perfect addition to any miniature shelf or diorama. It has a movable jib, and the mini Knikmops operator can choose between a safety bracket or a four-point roof. They can also prepare the Knikmops for the day's work, since this Knikmops comes with a pallet fork and a shovel bucket.

At a scale of 1:32 this Knikmops is a must-have for your miniature shelf or diorama. So instead of putting it on your wish list and wait, why not just buy one right now?

Super easy. Complete the quote request on the website and you will soon get an answer.