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The Newsletter - 15 - July 2021

Gebroeders Geens' news

Every month, Gebroeders Geens starts with the newsletter. This contains the messages of that month, general announcements, fun facts and the compliment! We can't tell you everything about the newsletter, but we would like to give you a few fun facts.

In July 2021, for example, we installed a falconry box on the roof of our company. We hope to receive a family of falcons here soon (probably kestrels). Whether it will happen this year will be exciting, because falcons breed between April and July. So hopefully some latecomers can find our box!

And on July 9th, like many, we will start the holiday. We do this traditionally with fries and a drink. Fortunately, the corona measures seem to allow that.

The Plume - The Praise

This month the Praise went to Jef. Jef has been employed by Gebroeders Geens for about 10 years now. With his background as a welder, he was the ideal man to operate the welding robots. Until June 2021, there were three, but due to the new addition in July 2021, these are now four welding robots (more on this later).

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