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New logo for Rollmops

Gebroeders Geens give their very first invention a mini-makeover.

Gebroeders Geens made their first ever paving stone transport machine in 1987. It was given the name “Rollmops”, with a double L like in “Rolls Royce”. When the company Gebroeders Geens nv started in 1989, it was closely interconnected with the success of this small and versatile machine.

In 1995, the portfolio was extended further with the Knikmops. Larger, stronger and with even more applications, this articulated loader soon became a success as well. On its 30th birthday this articulated loader was given a new logo.

The new logo

Rollmops of course couldn’t be left behind. With its new logo and modern labelling, this machine is fully ready to conquer the world. Today already a familiar sight among road workers from Belgium to as far as Poland.

The R was built with sharp angles similar to the paving stones that are transported by the machine. Gebroeders Geens opted for a red colour, with goes very well with the yellow K in Knikmops and the black G in Gebroeders Geens nv. Because after 30 years the Rollmops is still “made in Belgium”.

Rollmops – paves your way