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Gebroeders Geens, ready for the next 35 years

Gebroeders Geens, the family company behind the well-known Knikmops & Rollmops brands, is entering a new phase in its life. The agreement with its exclusive distributor for the Netherlands, De Schans, came to an end on 30.06.2023. Before that date, Knikmops could be ordered from the Hoogstraten manufacturer via Hedel. After a thorough and lengthy procedure, Gebroeders Geens can now look to the future again. And it's come at a good time, because next year the Knikmops manufacturer celebrates its 35th anniversary.

The Future in The Netherlands

Gebroeders Geens is of course fully aware how important its Dutch customers are for the growth of the business. They were the first to test out Rollmops & Knikmops in practice. They must not suffer in any way during the transition in the Netherlands.

So Dutch Knikmops users need have no concerns. Gebroeders Geens has concluded a direct relationship with Handelsonderneming Veluwenkamp, which has already been distributing Knikmops and Rollmops for some time. Their customers can rely on many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Belgian brands. "We are proud to carry on our representation of Knikmops in the Netherlands and will continue this in the future with passion," said Karel Toebast from Handelsonderneming Veluwenkamp.

Also, from today. Gebroeders Geens is working with the Nederlandse Machine Maatschappij B.V. from Waardenburg, a new face. They are also committed to helping the Knikmops customers in the Netherlands in the best possible way.  The products hold no secrets for them either.
Cornald Van Wijk of the Nederlandse Machine Maatschappij, speaking about the new collaboration with Gebroeders Geens nv “We are delighted at this unique opportunity to represent Knikmops in the Netherlands. The customer is the central focus here, and good service makes for satisfied customers."

Electric Knikmops KM 140 E and more!

The Dutch market has had to wait impatiently for a long time, but now Gebroeders Geens have launched their electric articulated loader, the Knikmops KM140 E.

This has been undergoing practical tests since 2020 and is now approved. The Netherlands can now discover the Knikmops KM 140 E. The compact wheelloader is available with two battery packs, Standard 20 kWh or Endurance 30 kWh. Using these, the Knikmops operator can work all day: Standard 5 hours and Endurance up to 8 hours The Knikmops is easy to charge with the same type of charger as a car. The charging time for the standard battery pack is 1h45 and for the larger battery pack 2h30.

Innovations don't stand still for the Knikmops manufacturer from Belgium. Work on extending the electric range is progressing at full speed. This year, the family of Z.E. Knikmops is expanding: as well as the KM 140 E, a big brother will be added, the Knikmops KM 180 E. Both will soon also be available in a telescopic version. Be one of the first to discover these at Matexpo (Kortrijk) on stand D08, and then of course at the trade fairs in the Netherlands.